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As an independent consultant, I value honesty more than any other factor when working with a consulting company. Oak Enterprises is one of the most up-front and honest companies a consultant could hope to work with. I highly recommend them.
-Pete Byer

My Account Executive at Oak did an outstanding job of negotiating the terms of the contract on my behalf. I applaud you for your open door policy and full disclosure of rates. It is a rarity in our industry and what sets Oak apart and above other consulting firms.
-Fred Barrett

As an IT consultant, I strive to work with people who value relationships, have technical insights and aptitude, and a reputation of delivering the best business solutions to the client. Oak Enterprises leverages all of these while maintaining a vision for the future.
-Aury Velazquez

Oak Enterprises is the premier consulting service provider in the Midwest. I have been working with them for over six years and will continue to do so.
-Jim Doody

Oak Enterprises shows true respect for the individual when working with its consultants. They are a first class outfit with a great reputation.
-Valerie Jefferies

The list of quality recruiters is very short. Oak's staff is at the top of my list.
-Guy Julian

I have not worked with another consulting firm that treats its contractors as well as Oak does.
-John Vrab

I always refer people to Oak. They are a great consulting firm to work for.
-Dan Mannisto

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