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Read industry research on what makes high performing IT workers so much more productive than the average worker and how to find them.

A Survey and Report on Vendor Management Systems Presented for Industry Dialogue

Computers for Schools.
A program supported by Oak Enterprises to help youth become computer-proficient through donations of old computers.

Read about a third-party evaluation of Oak Enterprises' performance.

Need to understand words, phrases or abbreviations related to computer and Internet technology? Go to either our Consultant Resources page or our Client Resources page and use the "Webopedia" search tool on the right side of the page. The definitions are frequently updated to reflect the evolving changes in the industry.

"Working Toward Successful Vendor Management System," In an issue of the Purple Squirrel Intelligence Report, Oak Enterprises Marketing Director Wayne Stellmach summarizes the NACCB VMS Best Practices initiative.

"Independent Consultants & Preferred Vendor Programs." In an issue of the Contract Professional Intelligence Report, Oak Enterprises Marketing Director Wayne Stellmach discusses how independent consultants might participate in PVPs.

Full text of "6 Big Blunders of Vendor Management Programs"
In an issue of The Talent Economy, Oak Enterprises CEO Tim Waterloo outlined six blunders to avoid in implementing a vendor management program.

Information Tracker E-Bulletins
Consultants can get various industry news and tips via our e-bulletins.

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