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Why work with Oak? We work exclusively with quality independent computer consultants, like you. Oak takes the time to know you and understand your goals.

What's in it for you? Options - whether to take a project opportunity, where to work, pay rate, or client - it's up to you.

We understand that you want to:

  • Be treated fairly and professionally.
  • Work on interesting projects for good companies.
  • Be fairly compensated for your skills and experience.
  • Work at a location that is convenient for you.
  • Have the opportunity to grow your skills.

What are the benefits of being an Independent Computer Consultant?

An independent consultant works on a project by project basis and is typically paid an hourly rate. The benefits are: the freedom to choose your projects, increased earning potential (typically 20% to 50% above salaried employees), greater flexibility in scheduling, and increased career satisfaction - without "office politics". Oak welcomes qualified consultants working on an independent contractor basis. All others work with us as project employees.

What are the differences?

Independent Contractor

  • Is an incorporated business
  • Works under the guidelines of the Oak Enterprises Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Carry their own business liability insurance
  • Responsible for their own federal and self-employment taxes
  • Payment by electronic funds transfer available

Project Employee

  • Work on a project basis
  • Paid an hourly rate
  • State and Federal taxes are withheld by Oak
  • Eligible to participate in Oak's 401K Plan
  • Payment by direct-deposit available

What is the Referral Bonus Program? Earn up to $1,000.  If you refer a new associate to Oak who is successfully placed on a project, you will be awarded a $500 bonus after the associate has been on the project for 30 days. If the associate is still on the pro ject after six months, you will receive an additional $500 bonus.

Yes, I know someone who would be a great resource for Oak.

How do I learn more about independent consulting as a career?

Here are more resources to help you or email your questions to

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