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Industrial Products Manufacturer Gains Superior Control and Deeper Knowledge of Sales Performance with Key Indicators Report

When Kremlin North America needed better information on sales and distributor performance, it turned to Oak Enterprises to create meaningful, real-time reports using information captured by Kremlin’s existing systems.

As a result, Kremlin’s management now has detailed knowledge about their sales network and the company market performance.

Business Reporting: Case History


Kremlin North America, a subsidiary of France-based Exel, is a leading manufacturer of finishing equipment such as spray guns, pumps and accessories. Kremlin has approximately 105 distributors and 8 regional sales managers.

While Kremlin had always tracked total sales, the management wanted more detailed intelligence on sales performance. The reporting capabilities of their software applications were generic and too limited to provide the desired depth of information specific to Kremlin’s business. For instance, Kremlin knew certain sales regions were down overall, but they didn’t have enough information to reveal clear-cut weak spots. Kremlin wanted to be able to both detect negative trends before they escalated into severe problems as well as spot and understand positive trends.


Using data from Kremlin’s operational software, reports were created to provide views of sales performance by region, distributor and product line -- along with budget Quote about Business Reportingprojections and comparisons with prior-year periods and estimated market potential. Management now can see a number of metrics in one snapshot and identify relationships and trends.

For example, a sales decline in a particular region can be compared against the sales of all distributors in that region to see if it’s a widespread issue or specific to a distributor. Coupled with the "sales by product" report, Kremlin's sales managers can proactively explore issues with their distributors such as product line or customer emphasis or the need for additional training. Conversely, distributors suddenly doing well may have landed a large client or found a new application for Kremlin's products which may uncover new market potential.

“These reports have made a big impact on how we run and manage the business,” says John Patry, president of Kremlin North America. “I use them to manage our overall business. The regional managers use them to manage the sales reps/distributors. The distributors use them to better manage their business.”


Strategic Information in One Snapshot, Requiring No Additional Investment in Software. The ability to see both overall trends and specific performance metrics gives Kremlin North America high-level strategic and tactical management control. At the same time, it was accomplished utilizing Kremlin’s existing IT architecture and applications. “We used Oak Enterprises to tie it all together and produce the reports in the format that we wanted and were comfortable with,” says company president John Patry. This was accomplished within weeks at a nominal cost, translating into immediate benefits and R.O.I.

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